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Hello! my name is amy. this is my web page!

This page is devoted to the glorification of the person who has been very influential in getting me to think and have opinions on some serious topics -- Jello Biafra. Over the years, Jello has had a variety of different mediums for getting his views out to people. His most popular implement would be the Dead Kennedys, his politically powered punk band. During their existence, they put forth 6 albums full of thought-provoking lyrics, as well as some fast, groovy riffs, swaying others to become aware of what's going on in the world, or maybe to even start their own band. By speaking out through music, many young people have been influenced and have learned a little about our government. After the Dead Kennedy break up, Jello went on running his own independent record company, The Alternative Tentacles, as well as forming bands w/other artists -- LARD w/Ministry TUMOR CIRCUS w/members of Lubricated Goat and Steel Pole Bath Tub THE WITCH TRIALS w/Christian Lunch, East Bay Ray, Adrian Borland, and Morgan-Fisher and even making guest appearance on albums of his friends -- D.O.A. NoMeansNo Mojo Nixon the Offspring

He's also traveled the country, speaking humorously, sarcastically, and seriously about a variety of issues. These spoken concerts have been recorded and are sold on Alternative Tentacles. The content ranges from censorship issues, or names for bands, to tales from Jello's trial, or urinalysis. There are 5 different spoken word albums -- No More Cocoons High Priest of Harmful Matter Die For Oil,Sucker I Blow Minds For A Living Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police

The famous Giger painting, #XX -- "Where Are You Coming From?"

Evidentally, one of these happy Shriners tried to
sue Jello for including his smiling face on Frankenchrist.

Jello and his legendary belt buckle interacting with the people.

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THE FRANKENCHRIST TRIAL In 1985, the Dead Kennedys put out a sublime album entitled "Frankenchrist", one of the most lyrically powerful records ever made. Included w/the album was a poster of the world famous painting by Swiss surrealist genius H.R. Giger, called Landscape #XX--"Where are you coming from?", nicknamed "Penis Landscape". This work of art led to the near destruction of Jello Biafra and the Alternative Tentacles.

April 15,1986 -- Jello was awakened by the sound of cops breaking into and tearing apart the flat that he was renting at the time. There were 9 cops, 6 from San Francisco and 3 from Los Angelos, pilfering through his house without a search warrant. When asked what they were doing, they told Jello that he was being charged for distributing harmful matter to minors -- they wanted the "Frankenchrist" album, $2000, and Jello in jail for at least one year. The Giger painting was considered to be "pornographic" by the L.A. City Attorney's Office and some kid's parents who decided to sue Jello instead of just taking the record back to the store. The cops left with a three copies of the Frankenchrist album, 3 copies of the Giger poster, as well as some of Jello's personal mail, and his business ledgers, things that were never returned.

After this incident, Jello needed some help. He formed the No More Censorship Defense Fund so that he could fight these charges in court. Jello had always been a huge spokesman for freedom of speech, so he was extremely offended and pissed off. He realized that the PMRC's reason for busting him was because he wasn't involved with any major label record companies, so it would be easier to damage a small, independent label that doesn't have a lot of money.

The actual trial didn't take place until over a year later. Many people took the stand to oppose Frankenchrist and the Giger poster, like the kid who bought the record and her parents, one of the L.A. cops who participated in the raid -- who completely lied throughout his whole testimony. But, the defense had some people on their side -- an expert in art from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as some writers from music magazines. The trial went on for about 3 weeks, and at the end, the jury deliberated for almost 2 days. In all that time, they decided nothing but that they were deadlocked 7:5 in favor of acquittal. Luckily, the judge threw the case out and the charges were dropped, although the prosecutors were hoping for a re-trial. This entire ordeal ended up costing Jello close to 8 thousand dollars.

After all of this, Jello has become an even angrier supporter of the first amendment. He has spoken out about some of the corrupt happenings of the trial, as well as some hilarious descriptions of the jury and prosecutors in his "High Priest of Harmful Matter" spoken word album. Because of his music and his spoken word albums, I have been introduced to some frightening truths that I would never have known about. Jello has made me more politically conscious, so now I a little bit about what I'm talking about when I start bitching about the government.